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Diagnosed with a Disc Herniation?

One of the most common causes of pain treated by the Chiropractor at Epoch Chiropractic in Wilmington, Delaware, comes from a Disc Herniation diagnosis.

What is it?? A disc is the cushion between the vertebral bones in your spinal column. The disc provided smooth movement of the spine, like bending, twisting, and turning your body. The disc is made up of two components, the liquid- nucleus pulposus and the annular fibers. Disc herniation is when the liquid is pushed one way and comes out of the annulus, tearing the annular fibers.

When the disc is bulging or slipped/herniated, most people experience increased amounts of pain, difficulty moving, and sometimes feel "stuck" in any one position. Disc herniation can also be accompanied with a sprain/strain of surrounding tissues, irritating the area with increased inflammation.


Neck: The pain can be localized to the neck, up to the head or base of the neck, down to the middle back, shoulders, arms, and/or hands.

Back: The pain can be localized to the back, go into the buttock, around the waist, to the groin, and even radiate into the legs and feet.

Disc related pain type: Sharp, shooting, muscle spasm, neuropathy, stiffness and discomfort. Headaches, sleeping difficulties, and positional pain (walking, sitting, raising arms above, climbing stairs..) are also likely.

Bending down to pick up something from the floor or tying shoes and the back is "stuck", you are unable to come back up = Classic Chiropractic patient.

Common daily activities that may cause a disc to herniate:

- Car accidents or Trauma

- Whiplash

- Gardening

- Snow shoveling

- Improper workouts

- Lifting heavy boxes

- Slip and fall

- Repetitive movement

- Other medical health concerns

Treatment: Chiropractic care that involves manipulation/adjustments, spinal decompression, different traction therapies, TENs Therapy and more. Have a consultation to figure out what methods are best for your body and conditions. Chiropractic treatment is well tolerated and effective.

















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