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What is Wellness Care?

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Why is it so important? Do I have to see a Chiropractor the rest of my life?

Great results come from maintaining YOUR level of maximum benefits, not the quick "one and done" method. Wellness Care uses a multidisciplinary approach to sustain the level of improvements made during your Acute Intensive care with us.

Think of Wellness care like an oil change for your car! You have to grease the parts so the car runs smoothly. Chiropractic adjustments put motion into joints that aren't moving properly, whether its due to posture, repetitive stress, injury, or arthritis, allowing blood flow and metabolism in the area. The frequency depends on you and your body.

We believe in quality care that helps our patients live happier, healthier lives!


Wellness Care. Chiropractic. Nutrition. Exercise. Healthy Living. Be Pain Free.

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