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Corona-tine and in PAIN?

Corona Virus Disease

Signs and Symptoms include fever, cough, shortness of breath.

Populations most effected: "The young and the old" and immuno-compromised

Quick Self test: Inhale, taking a deep breath and hold for 40 seconds to a minute. Your Lungs should be able to hold in the air. If you're having difficulty, quarantine yourself and call your MD. See website links below for facts on CDC and Delaware Health Guidelines.

Okay, so you pass the breathing lung test AND YOU DON'T HAVE ANY OTHER ILLNESS (cold, flu, nausea, runny nose, sore throat etc.)...

IF you're experiencing pain, feel as though you are need of chiropractic treatment, and are suffering from:

- Neck Pain

- Low Back Pain

- Headaches and Migraines

- Disc/Arthritis/Musculoskeletal/Nerve

Exam can validate the next plan of action- Treatment or Referral, additional imaging or blood work.

PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE Phone: (302) 635-7421

IF you call and there is no answer, please leave a voicemail and WE WILL CALL YOU BACK, as our hours are modified.

Chiropractic care is available for people experiencing pain, discomfort, and Injury- of all which still occur in a Quarantine. We are practicing extra caution and sanitary practices in the office to keep everyone safe. Screenings will be performed when making the appointment and again at reminder calls.

It is the patients discretion, whether to make a new or maintain scheduled appointments. If you are canceling, we would kindly ask to be informed well in advance.



DELAWARE Stay-at-home order for COVID-19

8am Tuesday, March 24, 2020 TO May 15 "or until the public health threat is eliminated."

If you are experiencing illness of any kind, cough, fever, any breathing difficulty, tiredness, consider yourself as though you have a virus. Self-quarantine for 14 days, if your conditions are worsening, consult your Medical Doctor over the phone.

Help this world by doing YOUR part in stopping the spread of this Pandemic. Help the Medical professionals do their best in controlling and serving for COVID-19 and other severe or advanced conditions while Doctors of Chiropractic can help treat, manage and guide in alternative ways.


How to Protect yourself:


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